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mmm, arm64 version. finally

ah! nice one. Just tried chess and checkers, its cool

yay! update!

havent played yet


Просто супер! Скачивайте


Damn, this game is pretty good


i really want to try this game, actually looks promising 


when you blame your hand but your brain is just slow


New map is really hardcore, even on coop server
Great job!




These new spiders... bzzzz sound is scaring 😅

awww another dangerous spider


Hope you enjoy it :D


why windows 10 warns you about this file being dangerous??


because file is unsigned by microsoft certificate. sorry about that. but nothing dangerous there you could check it on virustotal for example


Love this game ! A good dose of action, and there is always someone to fight in PvP !

I recommend 10/10 


How can i update android version?


Hm, just download new version, and install it. all necessary data will be downloaded after first run


On android, controls has to be changed. Excluding the movement pad, things that needs changes are jump button, crouch button, and aim pad. The aim pad has to be removed tho. It has to be the screen.

could you please make some sketch with changes you wish to see?
how do you see it? where is a better place for these buttons?

btw, how do you pronounce the name of this game?

we pronounce it [reksuis] or [reksuiz] :)

Oh i had same question. Thanks for explanation!

you`re welcome dude

Found a bug in the singleplayer campaign:
alright, so I haven't played the original quake at all, but I have played half-life, which I knew had a very similar console to quake. I typed in the command: bind q "save quicksave" and bind v "load quicksave" I played normally, quicksaving somewhat frequently, and none of my progress was saved on the main menu.

Edit: nvm I just missed the load autosave button

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I have no idea what im getting into downloading this, looks cool tho

Edit: holy crap

edit 2: i have no idea whats going on but my brain says they love it


Gameplay looks good so i don't mind that its quake


based on quake*

Is this just like LE FANE GEMA?

cant get exactly what you meant, but in case its "fun game" then YES IT IS

Sorry i didn't play but i bet IT'S FUN also i was trying to make a joke here is what i mean (A FAN GAME?)


Can this work with hotspot to play with friends 

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yes. in case you run it over local network you can create server and use 'connect IPaddress' command in game console(~ or shift+esc) in clients. in case you and your friends connecting via internet, you need create game and give an IP address of your server or supply the server name to your friends because server will be available in servers list.

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Hi, I tried this game on my Anbernic RG363P (Android) and the integrated gamepad was ineffective. Could you add gamepad support to the game?

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touch screen controls is just a proof of concept. its have very bad playing experiences. even after latest update of it.
but gamepad should work. you need just assign keys in input section. but tbh, we tested it on PC only.
better way to get more fun is using mouse+keyboard. even bluetooth ones very playable. for usb keyboard and mouse OTG cable is necessary.

On my second attempt I was able to get the gamepad input working. I needed to adjust some of the input settings and it’s very difficult to read the tiny text and select the tiny buttons with my touchscreen.

yeah, sorry about that, we know the problem and btw you first reported it. you could try to use mouse. it will help you a lot in pointing


Is there any chance of a rexuiz discord server any time soon?


try or


Any builds or updates to make the game FULLY chromebook compatible? this game has the potential to be a  hard flex for chromebook users, Google AND the playstore in general as there are NO games that truly support it.

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if chromebook is able to run android apps, you can try apk build
something like this

How to Install Android Apps From APK Files on Chromebook

  1. Firstly, you will need a file manager Android app from the Play Store. …
  2. Then, download the APK files of apps you want to install from any website. …
  3. The Android like Settings page should open up. …
  4. Once the APK file is downloaded, open the file manager app and go to the Downloads folder.
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As far as I know, the Chromebook is Linux Debian but it needs to be active in the settings, just like it shows on the official google website. But I've never had the opportunity to own a Chromebook yet.

 Linux is disabled by default. You can activate it at any time in Settings. At the bottom right of the Chromebook, select the time. Select Settings, then Advanced, then Developers. Next to "Linux Developer Environment", select Enable. Follow the instructions on the screen. Setup can take 10 minutes or more. A terminal window appears. It has a Debian 10 (Buster) environment. You can run Linux commands, install more tools with the APT package manager and customize your shell.

google warns that it is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous... has the site been tampered with?

which site you talking about? everything fine with it

Hi, How i can play with my Friend? i need to Add him in or In game? how i do it?


its a bit complicated. but for easy way you can try to join some free servers. There are bunch of Rexuiz servers in servers list usually marked with "Best" word. Pick your preferred game type and join. Survival/coop/ffa(akimbo/non-akimbo/mixed arts). some of servers are free some have players. Just make a decision you wish to play alone or with other players.
But game also have ability to create your own server. Use Multiplayer window -> Create, create server you like, name it some how unique and start server. Supply name of the server to your friend and if everything is good your friend could join to your server using servers list and clicking on your server

hey im on mac and when im trying to download the first one it doesnt seem to work or idk how

Usually Mac users have no troubles with game running. Maybe you downloaded wrong file with launcher? Did you downloaded "" and unzipped it?

which should i download? the self updating one or the latest file released

Use first one. I bet i made a note somewhere on the page recommending the same :)

Hello, it would be nice to create a version of the game for iOS please Thank you

We are not ready now to support iOS and PS4/PS5 and Xbox versions

And do you intend to offer it in the near future on iOS or are you going to work on it?

No plans about iOS at this moment. Most complicated platform btw especially for opensource and completely free game

Can help me with Something of the Game

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Dont ask to ask, just put your question here or in separated thread.

to develop for ios you need a mac. Also it would be stolen really quickly and made a pay to win game by somebody. Developing for ios is just a pain in the ass, especially because you can’t sideload without a jailbreak.

Don’t think they have a mac and they most definitely won’t just buy one

Oi, what's the license on the assets? Is it all libre?



does this game has boss character like xan kriegor?, It would be cool, even cooler if you could unlock his skin.

yes. different bosses available in classic campaign and survival modes

am I going nuts or is this game really similar to xonotic. to the point were the UI is the same and some of the guns are the same.

the games have same base

it would be cool if someone made a mod for halo on this game 

what you mean? mod like halo game? vehicles/weapons? anything else?

nah... it has so less player online :<


Okay, I'm currently just messing around with the single player training, and...
Jesus CHRIST ctf training takes way too damn long. The first one, 1 on 1, I rushed as best I could (which is not that good, admittedly, but eh), and it still took about 30+ minutes. 100 points is way, way too much, and it gets outright boring after a while. Run to the flag, laser jump up, run back to your flag, laser jump up... Rinse and repeat, for 99 more times.

And the next one... I'm not even gonna bother with that, because if it took half an hour to finish this on that tiny 1 on 1 map - I don't even want to know how long would it take to do this on a larger map.

omg. you just found the bug with score counting. it will be fixed in next release for sure.

In case you using Launcher, fix already there.

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for fixing it! I guess I'm just lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you see it) to stumble upon bugs. But it's a good thing that you have found a way to fix it, gonna play some more when I have the time. x)


i tried to download it but it didn't work so i tried to delete the game and download again but i can't delete it.


What OS you using? Which file you downloaded?

windows 10 and i downloaded the right file but i still can't delete it

sorry for delay with answer. there are 2 different downloads. full zip archive. this file only needs to be unzipped somewhere you like and after unzip you just need to start exe file in a folder where you unzipped.
in case you`ve downloaded Qt Rexuiz Launcher its the only one executable file which only asks you where to download other game data. and you can use this launcher for future game starts. so which one you`d downloaded? Also you can try to use Administrator rights to delete file. Also its possible what you have hdd/ssd error right in sectors where file downloaded and this may be fixed with different hdd/ssd checking tools

Total unreal tourny vibes downloading now


I really like this and am having a lot of fun playing it. Keep the content coming!

Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android??

Hey. You could try Quad touch play market app to run our game code using their darkplaces engine version. Its also possible to use outdated QI4A app, but its only available for 4.4 android.

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