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cant find any servers with players?


Servers full or near limit in european evening.
for example now 3 servers have live players.

hey I've noticed that in some of the cts/race maps I've downloaded I'm not able to move forward due to an invisible wall. i looked up the problem and apparently i have to type "g_playerclip_collisions 0" but nothing happens when i type it in. also no clip doesn't work either. what do i do to get around invisible walls in custom maps?


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at first, rexuiz dont have such variable name.

and can you please to save our time say the name of the map you have problems with?

its multiple maps lmao. none of the ones you suggested to me. The map names don't really matter, what matters is if you have a console command that would let me move past the invisible wall or not. if it helps, i read that the maps have invisible walls because they need a timer to start in order to work. 

heres the link to the discussion I read:

I just want to know if there's an equivalent code in rexuiz.



Anyway, if you`ll reach the map with such issue in rexuiz, please let us know. We need an example to fix a bug exactly, if it exist. Creating such kind of "fixes" is a bad way of developing.

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okay. we found the map. g_playerclip_collisions 0 command will be available in next rexuiz update.
you can also try mod_q3bsp_curves_collisions 0. but in some cases it working bad.
also df maps from q3 are not rexuiz compatible atm.

i tried to host a game but i failed. i create a server.cfg file, i opened the 26000 port on my router and i started the run_server_win64.cmd, then i opened the game but in the multiplayer menù i couldnt find any server (the list was empty). when i quit the server and i relaunch the game the server list showed some server, but of course mine wasnt there.
can someone help me with this problem? i cant find a way to fix it...

Hello there.
There are some limitations in running dedicated server behind the NAT(Router).
At first, try to change port of dedicated server to 27000 for example, windows may have a bunch of hidden limitations.
And second, you have to enable NAT#Loopback on your router(but most of home routers dont have such feature) to make server available in the server list, but in most cases you`ll cant find your server in a servers list because it have to have static(dedicated) IP to work properly.

ps. after changing port of server, you can try to reach it with console(~ or shift+ecs) command "connect<port>"

thanks, the problem was in the port i used (26000). after changing that to 27000 i solved it. thank you very much!

This game is great but I finally beat the single-player first level and was working on the second level last night, but then I closed the game and when I reopened it, I didn't have access to the second level anymore: Ay Caramba! Is this intended behavior? This was from and I'm playing the 64 bit linux version

Deleted 2 years ago
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if you mean levels, than try to use save/load option
to load game use

and in game press esc and than

we going to add autosave on exit in next version.

or you mean you lost whole first episode progress i.e. all 7 levels?

Ohh, thanks, I didn't think to save once I got to the second level, I just thought I "unlocked" it.  Cool, I'll beat level 1 again after work and report back if I have trouble.  Thanks again for the cool game!

Mac won't render maps or characters after May 4 update.

Hey guys, any thoughts on how to get maps to render and characters to render? The latest update broke map rendering. Most maps appear black with pretty diamonds running around :-
Stats: mac

hey meathork. check you dlcache folder for zero size files and delete it. also check rexuiz.pk3 and data2009,,,pk3 have not zero sieze. we had issues with downloading data to clients couple of days ago during two days. maybe you got bad data.
and switch to qt launcher if you still not did it.

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Perfect. Thank you for continuing to do a great job with this project. 

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Hey. Are you still with us? Have no other contact to check you still good :)

Where can i download more cfs/ jump maps? also is nexball a functional thing or not?

keep up the great work!

we dont have such maps in our repo.
nexball have bunch of crazy updates. check videos about hockey and nexball here. but in these days it no so popular

could you please release more jump maps? cyberparcour and piece o cake are very fun and work incredibly well with the engine. you should atleast consider it. thanks!

also the first race challenge is bugged. I've beaten 36 seconds multiple times and it still wont allow me to progress


here is a bunch of run maps in old repo. download them and place to the folder where your config.cfg located (Rexuiz\data on windows, ~/.rexuiz/data on Linux or OSX)

Rexuiz is awesome!

But i have a problem
I have mac os Catalina

The game worked with launcher good. But I changed the resolution of the screen and right now screen is totally black but game continues ( I can hear music)
I tried to remove app and unpack again 
I tried previews version of the game and launcher
But it does not give me results 

How can I remove game with all logs totally 
or how I can launch the game with right resolution 
or how I can switch to default settings

Thank you!

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To return the game to initial state its enough to remove config.cfg, but so far we have lack of MacOS testers i cant say exactly where it may be located.
PS sorry for delay, something wrong with notifications here...

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if i`m right this command in console will solve your issue
rm -f ~/.rexuiz/data/*.cfg
or config.cfg can be located here
~/Library/Application Suppport/rexuiz/

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Hi my friend and I tried playing Rexuiz the other day, I have no trouble personally but he has a problem with visibility. He can see main screen and setting screen no prob, but when he joins a game no models show up and everything's really dark. (See attached screen shot) he has no trouble playing other games, nvidia drivers up to date. Any suggestions would be handy. Thanks. Great game btw! Hes running windows 10 gtx1660 super

Its just a connection issue (happens from time to time). next time if you face with it, press esc and press reconnect button. or disconnect and connect to server again.(f11 key for quick disconnect)

Hi, thanks for replying. It happens every time he tries to play though. To the extent where every game he's tried is like this over a few days.


well if it happens in every multiplayer game, it means what something blocking in-game downloads. it may be windows firewall or some kind of antivirus software. try to run it in windowed mod and look at floating windows with questions about allowing connection or add rexuiz to whitelist in firewall/antivirus


Also can you please screenshot console output(can be opened with ~ and f12 key for screenshot) when issue will happen?

i confused what should i download 

Try Qt Launcher - easiest solution. download it in a folder where you wish rexuiz should be downloaded. And run it. It will download all necessary files and start the game. And for next starts just run launcher again. It will check for updates and starts the game.

I ran into a problem when I host a server, the bot's models dont show up, in some games there's a "force player models option" that makes it so that every player/bot's model shows up at the cost of them all having one, I was wondering if there was a similar option here that maybe I wasn't seeing?

If anyone knows a fix please let me know

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cant exactly get the problem, but in case, default player model is "models/player/nexus.zym". you can try fix it with g_player_forcemodel "models/player/nexus.zym"
By default setting models forcing not enabled only in campaign vs bots.

also can you please describe more about "bot's models dont show up", because there are no special models only for bots

I hosted a server by clicking create game in the multiplayer menu, and I added bots to the game, but in game the bots look like the diamond shapes in the screenshot

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sorry for delay.
bot nicks saying what where were some changes made.

can you please paste you server.cfg and config.cfg somewhere( is ok fo example). and bots.txt also if you changed it. it seems you made some deeper changes in server.cfg or maybe in config.cfg than necessary.

can you also supply us a screenshot output of sv_cmd cvar_changes ?

PS. you also can simply delete/rename server.cfg and config.cfg files to return you game state to initial and try again.

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Hi everyone, we're a hosting company and support Rexuiz, you can rent a Rexuiz game server from us and help the community grow for an awesome game like this:


the mouse is messed up.. Like it wants to stop when im moving it,. Cahnged alot of options and it doesn't help it. Still wants to stop moving while im moving it. 

we can suggest you couple of solutions. it looks like you using linux.
1. try to switch on/off windowed/full screen modes
2. try to install latest sdl2 if it not installed or outdated. current one 2.0.10
3. also try just vid_restart in game console, it also may help.


Why is the name almost the same as another game called Nexuiz classic

Because nexuiz now is a name of commercial product and we cant use it anymore. 

Well I was wondering because Nexuiz is in the linux software center and its labeled as open source



I'm going to just assume this is the best most updated version of all these FPS games?

Nexuiz, Xonotic, Vecxis, etc.?

I play Quake Live & UT, I Heavily played Nexuiz back in the day but I'm looking for the best of the best version. It seems like it's this but what's improved upon?


Its hard to say what improved exactly. Game still kept like nexuiz and it still compatible with nexuiz and you still can connect to new servers with old 2009 nexuiz client. We make a lot of additions, single player campaign with quake and freedoom maps. we have our version of monsters. we add survival game mod, a lot of in-game improvements and additions. You can check rexuiz github commits list to get step by step what was fixed/improved/added.

So basically Nexuiz Classic: Add-on Edition or something?
And still being updated unlike the other ones?
Sounds to me like it's the best version, was just curious; thank you dev and well done

Well, project was started as mod to nexuiz like RM or like a replace of RM mod. But we found what default nexuiz client from 2009 cant supply support to all our additions, so we update game engine to actual changes and rework almost all nexuiz game code. The difficult thing it a back compatibility. We tried back compatibility for xonotic also, but xon devs banned all servers with such experiment on their serverlist. So we left back compatibility for nexuiz only mostly to inform nexuiz players what there is a new version of game and slightly forcing them to update :)

Just asking why User or retard net was set to me ? and I'm unable to speak and vote ? (didn't found any forum for rexuiz questions)

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In most cases this tag set for users who annoy another with spamming useless messages to chat, excepting MP. But it temporal one, and set by AI bot. I bet it will be removed soon.
PS sorry for inconveniences
PPS Thanks for donating us!

Many thanks to you for this great game. ( Will donate again :) )
Another question - will it be possible to make a discussion board/forum/how-to?

It takes too much time to admin it. Use this one and also try github issues as feature request or bug report or something else

featuring rexuiz in

Nice review! Thanks

rexuiz made the meme real


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Thats really cool. Nexuiz was my favourite FPS back in the days and not everyone is happy with what Xonotic made of it. Do you have a Discord or IRC Chat? Maybe to meet some other Rexuiz players and get some news.

we have telegram and IRC channels. both connected to servers, but its able to reach us there or even chat with servers directly
irc: quakenet #betsnexuizserverever

PS. IRC now in readonly mode. i.e. you can read what happening on servers but cant chat with servers.

I've been meaning to ask, is there a tool/software for creating my own maps?

We using this one


ist a great game whith very smooth gameplay i like i

It's like moded version of Red Eclipse...


se parece al quake 3 arena

El mejor juego de todos de los que he jugado en el estilo shooter

Um... I've been playing for a few weeks but no one is on... the bots are boring, and I want to play with real people. Also, when I close the game, it doesn't say it's closed on the itch app, and I can't really open it.

sorry for delay. seems something wrong with notifications on itch.

1. Most players amount available in European evening. In some hours most of the servers may be empty
2. Look for servers list in Multiplayer->Servers,  there must be plenty of servers
3. Dont forget to sort servers by players number(right column), in rexuiz its done by default, but anyway try to click it.
4. The game really isnt connected with itch app. Try to use launcher directly to start the game.

Hello... is there any manual how to start your own dedicated server ? 

maybe this one can help

Thanks ! 

is there blood?

Yes. But its easy to turn it off.

this game alive?????

not as much as we wish but it have lot of active players, especially in european evening hours.


When I go to open the game it goes to something that looks like Terminal, and it tells me to put in -gamedir /path/to/game. Does anyone know how to fix that

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In most cases its mean game unziped with some errors like without correct paths.
What operation system you using?
Are you using Rexuiz Launcher?

I'm using a Mac, and I'm using the the app that was in the folde

to work properly game demands to keep folders order as it presented inside archive.
try to just unzip and click to without moving it somewhere.
or simpler way - download qt rexuiz launcher and start it. it will do the rest magic.

Hi there, is there a discussion forum to duscus bugs issues, etc?

Best way use github for it.
Write your issues, feature requests, ideas and etc here:

Rexuiz, Thank you for fast reply. 

Github  issues - is a good place for bug reports, thanks but do you have any forum for discussion?

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We dont have any forum or something. Many developers using github issues as simplified forum. feel free to make the same

Is "force player models" enabled by default? That is not a good idea since there is no way to change it through the interface.

Player model forced by default for 100% compatibility with servers based on old nexuiz.
It also used on rexuiz servers we control, but with updated and bug fixed player model.
And it is a common and long term practice in arena shooters to use one and good visible model for all players.

you=sad clown game is awesome

im on a mac and i am stuck in the console pls help

any errors?
in most cases it mean what game engine cant find data files.
try to use launcher app.

PS sorry for delay

Are the servers you make lan?

Sry, didnt get it :)
You mean is it possible to run your own lan servers? Or you asking about our multiplayer servers?

if you can run your own

Sorry for delay with answer.
Sure you can run your own server with a lot of custom settings or using predefined configs

How are we able to make maps for the game?

We using this one.
Its also possible to create map in blender, then export it to quake 3 format .map file.
Or in other words all quake 3/open arena maps and tools suitable.

Jogo legal ,leve ,e divertido hehe' 

can somebody help?? how to enable joystick cause it is not enabling ??can u help plzz??

at first be sure what your joystick correctly recognized by operating system. there are a lot of troubles with different gamepads and drivers.

how do u do online stuff?

Can you explain your question please?

I have a problem. My game crashes when I download models / weapons / h_laser.dpm, I have Windows 7 x32. Please, help.

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Thanks for your report. We found same behavior. Just searching for solution. Will notify you right in time we fix it.


ok. we found the solution which will allow you to run game without any troubles.
1. After game start, open the console. use ~ key or shift+esc
2. type without quotes "seta r_skeletal_use_sse 0" and press enter
3. restart the game (press f10 for exit and run it again)
4. PROFIT. or anyway it should work.

Thanks again for your report, We will fix this issue in future releases on the game side.


Also, if you are using launcher app, it will update exe file.
If not we strongly recommend to use it.

Thank you, the game began to work normally.

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